Rooted in a Story of Trauma Recovery

Founded by psychotherapist and author Benjamin Fry in 2012, Khiron Clinics was created to offer other people the groundbreaking trauma therapies that once saved his life. Since then, Khiron Clinics has become globally recognised as a leading centre in the treatment of trauma.

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“It's a unique place that is really able to offer people something that will put them on the path towards healing and isn't available anywhere else.”

Deb Dana

A Global Leader in Trauma Recovery

Delivering Specialised Trauma Care in Both Residential and Outpatient Settings, We Guide Individuals from Crisis to Cure

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Our clinicians are informed, trained and supervised by some of the world's top trauma experts including Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Janina Fisher, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Dick Schwartz, Deb Dana, Licia Sky and Linda Thai.

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We are the world's first Polyvagal Informed certified residential clinic, ensuring that every team member, from our gardener to the board, is well-versed in trauma.

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We deliver innovative neurobiological therapies which are at the cutting edge of trauma treatment in residential and outpatient environments which are specifically designed to treat trauma.

A woman with long dark hair is standing outdoors, smiling, and gently touching the face of a brown horse. Another brown horse is standing close by. The background, green with trees and grass, offers a serene setting that could aid in PTSD treatment - including equine therapy

We listen to what works instead of only following traditional therapies, which is why we also offer activities such as yoga, equine therapy, tai-chi, breathwork, cold water therapy, ecotherapy and more.

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To make our life-saving treatment globally accessible, Khiron Clinics organises and pays for transport for all international clients to the residential clinics and home again, making sure they are supported every step of the way.

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We have multiple levels of care, creating a pathway to ensure that there are suitable options all the way from an alternative to hospital care to weekly outpatient therapy sessions, either online or in-person.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

How Uncovering a New Understanding of Trauma Allowed Our Founder to Rebuild His Life and Wellbeing, Igniting a Newfound Purpose to Provide Others With the Same Chance of Recovery

Note From Our Founder:

It was in 2009 that I finally had a breakdown, after what I later realised was an entire life spent running from what I call ‘the invisible lion’. Because of various incidents of childhood trauma I had experienced such as the death of my mother as a baby, I had a nervous system which was constantly reacting as if I was in great danger, as if I was being chased by a lion.

Ultimately, everything caught up with me, and after many failed attempts at recovery with a variety of treatments, including stays in famous residential treatment settings, I had the good fortune to meet a therapist who totally changed the narrative of what I was experiencing, and therefore paved the way for me to find true, lasting healing.

She explained how my reactions, thoughts and feelings were actually an entirely normal response to the perceived threat I was experiencing due to unresolved trauma in my life. This transformed everything for me, and the subsequent nervous system based treatment based on this understanding saved my life.

As my own life recovered, I knew very simply that I not only had to let others know about this groundbreaking approach to trauma treatment, but create a safe space where it could be experienced too. Something that didn’t exist then, and which I have yet to find to this day.

Today, Khiron Clinics stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking lasting recovery from mental health challenges who, like me, once felt hopeless.

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Meet the Team

“Unlike previous experiences, the therapists at Khiron honestly saved my life. They were there to hold my hand and help me to help myself. All of the members of the therapeutic team have a genuine understanding of trauma and how to treat it.” - Andrea

The clinical team at Khiron Clinics comprises world-class mental health and trauma treatment specialists. They have been informed, trained and supervised by some of the world’s top trauma experts, including Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr Janina Fisher, Dr Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Dr Dick Schwartz, Licia Sky, Linda Thai and others.

Aside from the incredible therapists, we ensure that every member of our team from the board to the gardener speaks the ‘language of trauma’, creating a safe and supportive environment at all our clinics.

The Leadership Team

Prahlad Ilex Galbiati Therapy Director at Khiron Clinics

Prahlad Ilex Galbiati

Therapy Director

Prahlad is a Body-Psychotherapist, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Drawing from his background in spiritual development, meditation an orientation to wholeness is an intrinsic aspect of his work.

For over two decades he has supported people with a variety of trauma related conditions including chronic disease, abuse, addiction and terminal illness. He is the Therapy Director of Khiron Clinics.

Romana Akram Managing Director at Khiron Clinics

Romana Akram

Managing Director

Romana Akram is the Managing Director of Khiron Clinics. She is based at the residential clinic. Prior to joining the Khiron Clinics team, she worked in a residential setting, caring for the elderly, and then she joined a publishing firm as a business systems coordinator. Romana has a special interest in implementing new procedures to maximise efficiency. Romana has an MBA and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Benjamin Fry Founder and Chair at Khiron Clinics

Benjamin Fry

Founder and Chair

Benjamin is a psychotherapist, accredited by the BACP, who contributes to the media in the UK and is politically active in lobbying for better access to better treatment for all sections of society, working with the Centre for Social Justice and through Khiron House’s social enterprise Get Stable. He set up Khiron House after experiencing serious mental illness in 2009 and not receiving effective treatment for it in the UK. He is the Founder of Khiron Clinics and the non-executive Chair of the Board of Directors. He is the Treasurer of Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Research Foundation.

The Clinical Team

Prahlad Ilex Galbiati Therapy Director at Khiron Clinics

Prahlad Ilex Galbiati

Therapy Director

Prahlad is a Body-Psychotherapist, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Drawing from his background in spiritual development, meditation an orientation to wholeness is an intrinsic aspect of his work.

For over two decades he has supported people with a variety of trauma related conditions including chronic disease, abuse, addiction and terminal illness. He is the Therapy Director of Khiron Clinics.

Tracey-Lee Austin​ Service Supervisor at Khiron Clinics

Tracey-Lee Austin​

Service Supervisor

Tracey is the Clinical Lead at Khiron residential clinics and joined in 2018. Alongside providing therapy to clients at the residential clinics, Tracey undertakes assessments to determine new clients suitability for admission, providing clinically informed recommendations. Tracey has a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and is HCPC registered. She has a diploma in Schema Therapy and has training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brainspotting, Bodynamics, and BWRT. She also integrates somatic EMDR interventions into her practice. She is currently working towards becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Her background is in working with Complex PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Mood and Anxiety disorders, Attachment disorders, Personality disorders, and Psychosis, drawing from a variety of approaches including Polyvagal Theory, Schema Therapy, IFS, Sensorimotor and Somatic therapies, Mindfulness, and Structural Dissociation.
Amber Knights Clinical Lead at Khiron Clinics

Amber Knights

Clinical Lead

Amber is a psychotherapist at Khiron residential clinics and our outpatient service, She specialises in trauma, suicide prevention and sexual abuse. She also works with addiction, gender issues and depression. Amber has a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a modality that is person-centred and has a strong focus on the therapist-client relationship, awareness and the body. Amber uses a combination of her skills in Gestalt therapy, the polyvagal theory, and her own creativity to facilitate supporting individuals in their journey towards healing. Whilst living in Malta, she was a casual lecturer in victimology at the University of Malta and managed a therapeutic service for victims of crimes. She is a member of GPTI. Amber has a great love for animals and began her career working with them alongside people. Whilst in the USA she worked at the Human-Dolphin Institute providing dolphin assisted therapy to vulnerable people.

Claire Parrish Clinical Lead at Khiron Clinics

Claire Parrish

Clinical Lead

Claire is the Clinical lead at Khiron Daycare IOP Clinic. She trained at Regent’s University on a master’s programme in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology and is BACP accredited. Her practice draws together Attachment trauma and Structural dissociation, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Safe and Sound Protocol, Sensorimotor Level 1 and EMDR Levels 1,2,3. She has worked for over a decade in the NHS and private
practice, focusing on PTSD, Complex PTSD, bereavement, addiction and eating disorders.

a photo of Lucy Allen, Psychotherapist at Khiron Clinics

Lucy Allen


Lucy is a psychotherapist at Khiron residential clinics and our outpatients service As an Integrative Therapist, she strives for a pluralistic and holistic approach to therapy. She is passionate about using the body to integrate experiences and has a special interest in neuroscience, stress, and trauma. She has a special interest working with PTSD, complex PTSD and DID. Lucy holds the importance of the therapist-client relationship and its role in healing. She is currently in the competition phase of the Sensorimotor level 2 training. Alongside this she is trained to level 2 in IFS and Bodynamics. In addition, Lucy brings the outdoors to her therapy, including working with animals, as she holds that connections to and containment within nature, are full of healing potential.

Tracy Ellis Psychotherapist at Khiron Clinics

Tracy Ellis