Professional Accreditations

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission

Forty NHS clinical care groups and trusts have referred patients to Khiron Clinics. We registered with CQC In September 2021. On the 31 st of October 2022, we had our first CQC inspection.

Service, care and treatment better than CQC

At Khiron we see meeting the CQC standards as a minimum baseline, and our aspirations are to provide a level of service, care and treatment that is better even than a CQC  ‘outstanding’ would merit.

We are certified by the Polyvagal Institute

Khiron Clinics is proud to be certified by the Polyvagal Institute. Polyvagal Theory
provides an avenue to explore how our physical state can influence our emotional and cognitive behaviour.

Just a few words to express my deepest gratitude to you for enabling me to be here and finally start my process of healing.

I slept 9 hours last night, unheard of. I am already truly grateful for the change I have seen.

I want to acknowledge all the magic you did and the fact that its still working. I never dared to imagine things could be going as well as they are

Professional memberships and associations

We work with members of respected organisations to deliver our services

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission

We are here to help

If you have a client, or know of someone who is struggling, reach out to Khiron.
We believe that we can stop the revolving door of treatment and misdiagnosis by providing effective residential and outpatient therapies for underlying psychological trauma, stress and breakdown.

Allow us to help you find the path to effective, long lasting recovery.
For information, call us today.

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