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Mental Health

Journalling for Trauma

There are various tools we use in trauma therapy to help clients process and manage their thoughts and feelings. One of these tools is journalling.

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Mental Health

Trauma and the LGBTQ+ Community

Trauma affects people of all ages and demographics. Still, one of the most affected groups today are members of the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

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Mental Health

The Impact of Trauma on Education

Traumatic experiences in childhood can hinder a child’s ability to perform well in school. Neurobiological research has found that trauma impacts brain areas associated with

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Mental Health

Understanding ACEs

Adverse Childhood Experiences refer to potentially traumatic events experienced in childhood. Also known as ACE’s, these experiences may be responsible for a broad range of

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Mental Health

What Is Attachment Trauma?

Healthy attachment is essential for psychological, emotional, and social well-being throughout the lifespan.[1] Attachment refers to the way we learned to relate to ourselves and

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