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I am very grateful for my time at Khiron House. I have learnt so much and am more in touch in with my body - thank you to everyone for looking after me.

I’ve really appreciated all you’ve done.

I am sincerely grateful for your support, guidance and time these past 7 months.

Your positive energy and hard work are much appreciated.

What a great job you all do I am looking forward to seeing the continued growth and transformation of KH and the residents which so much depends on you all.

I will continue to be curious and to explore my willingness.

Thank you for always being so caring

Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Thanks very much for your generosity and kindness over the past two months.

Thank you so so much for everything you are truly amazing and gifted guide and teacher.

You have all contributed greatly to my recovery and healing journey this year.

Even baby steps are steps

In just over 2 weeks that |I spent at KH I did manage to gain some helpful experiences and tips so thank you for those.

My time at KH was definitely helpful and has given me more insight.

What a fantastic team you are.

I now get moments of inner peace.

Nothing is ever to much trouble for you, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that. You are a true asset to KH.

I slept 9 hours last night, unheard of. I am already truly grateful for the change I have seen.

We’ve appreciated the integrity you demonstrated and the authenticity with which you share yourselves.

KH has saved my life. The staff are phenomenal, and I will be forever grateful for their support.

The other day was the happiest I have been in 8 years and it was a momentous occasion. I was not me with trauma I was me, the beautiful, courageous and happy woman! How awesome!

I want to acknowledge all the magic you did and the fact that its still working. I never bared to imagine things could be going as well as they are…. I’m daring for the first time to believe that I might be able to do this.

Thank you for literally offering me a glimpse of the gift of life.

A hand touch from you is like being soothed/understood and held in a healing globe.

I am very grateful for my time at Khiron House. I have learnt so much and feel so much more in touch with my body. Thank you everyone looking after me

Khiron House is quite simply unique. Therapists are amazing their care, commitment and expertise is unsurpassed

My son is a new man, in his words, "better than ever" and we are all looking forward to him staying that way. Please pass on our huge thanks for the help, support and environment that enabled him to understand and overcome his problems. We also wish the very best outcomes for the good friends RT made during his stay. They all deserve to get their lives back.

Fantastic caring therapists and worthwhile therapies. I arrived a frightened 14yr old and leave as a creative mature adult. Onwards upwards and outwards. Thanks and God bless your work.

Khiron House has given me the resources to help me through life. I'm enormously grateful to the clinic for its extraordinary help and expertise.

Khiron House is the place where I have been able to heal from developmental trauma. I am so grateful.

A kind considered and conscientious professional approach to trauma treatment. A world class facility.

Khiron has so much to offer, and all the staff and therapists are kind and positive and have a wealth of skills.

Not sure I have the right words, the time and space has been incredibly helpful.

I have felt cared for and comforted by being here. Therapy has been presented in a away that I felt comfortable. Outstanding support and therapy

Thank you to all the staff and therapists at the Clinic and in the House. big shout out to Steve - you're a legend, there's nothing too much trouble. Treatment at Khiron is far beyond the realms of anything the NHS can offer for Trauma. Such a shame that they are so reluctant / non supportive of their patients' 'recovery' rather than the lifetimes 'symptom management' they can offer through their revolving doors for patients. Trust the therapists and process at Khiron - its second to none. Beautiful, safe and tranquil, calming, healing place.

Awesome therapists, Awesome grounds, awesome staff, awesome awesome place

I spent 4 weeks at Khiron, the layered therapies, whilst intense, made me feel safe and validated. I didn't think it was possible but my future and growth is incomparable. I have my spirit and hope back.

The best and only trauma clinic in England. I am a calmer more mindful person now but this is only the beginning!

I spent 4 months at Khiron Clinics, and I never would have thought such a short space of time could change my life so drastically. The quality of therapy, the community, the grounds all conspire to be the bedrock of healing and change. I have learned things in the past 4 months that I will carry with me forever. The entire experience has renewed my faith in humanity, given me the platform for acceptance and self-realisation and most importantly, given me hope that I can live my best life. I have a lot to thank Khiron Clinics for.

Great programme and helpful treatment. Felt very safe and well taken care of. Lovely and friendly staff.

Thank you guys for all your help and encouragement whilst I was at Khiron – life changing stuff!

Joe did an excellent job. I loved all the therapists. Thanks to Sasha and Lorena for caring for me and Rachel starting me on my Yoga journey.

Therapists are uniformly excellent, genuine, caring and willing to meet clients more than half way. The work I did at Khiron has allowed me to learn to trust folk (a bit) and carry this on outside. It wasn't easy, or enjoyable at times, but has helped me greatly.

Khiron changed my life. I don't think I would be alive if I didn't find Khiron. The therapists are all phenomenal.

Khiron has saved my life. My therapists gave me hope and strength when I had none and now I feel ready to go out there to get my life back.

I'm feeling like myself again. This is the first programme I've been in that is informed in complex trauma. I'm so grateful Khiron exists.

The therapeutic programme and therapists are excellent and have helped me very much.

The therapeutic programme and therapists are excellent and have helped me very much.

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