Forty NHS clinical care groups and trusts have referred patients to Khiron Clinics. We registered with CQC In September 2021. On the 31 st of October 2022, we had our first CQC inspection. We received a rating of ‘Good’ in all KLOES (Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well-led) and an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Here are some of the comments from the report which were made by staff, residents, and external professionals:

"Overall, Khiron has without a doubt saved my life. The care is everything that personalised stands for and I will be forever grateful."

"When I came here, I was away from home, and it was critical that I had a safe environment. It [Khiron Clinics] fulfils the brief. Safety is a big thing, and they look to do it well" and "Much safer being here, feel that I am in a better place."

"Throughout my stay at the Clinic risk was continually reassessed and the appropriate measures were taken to ensure I kept myself safe, promoting me taking responsibility for my actions."

"I go through my weekly food plan and order with my support worker. Helps me with the preparation. We do have takeaways sometimes", "I cook for myself in the main, balanced regular food, non-stressful. Sometimes I cook for the whole house" and "Look after my own food, tell the office what you need, and they order it for you. Community members are helping each other, helping with meal planning."

"If you walk through you will see a member of staff in the group session." Staff commented, "I had a week of induction, participating in groups and familiarising myself with the program. Had access to online training material for Khiron" and "I shadowed groups for a couple of months and integrated into the therapeutic community that way, the best way to do it. I have felt very supported by them."

"Staff have done a lot of work with me on my exit strategy and future planning."

"I love the natural environment here. I love walking in the grounds."

"It was so reassuring to feel like I was being understood and being seen as a survivor rather than a victim of my past" and "The therapists, were fantastic in coming to see me when I was really struggling, and the communication between support workers meant that I did not have to repeat myself multiple times."

"I have always been greeted with courtesy and respect on my visits, by friendly staff who ensured I knew where I was going. They have been respectful of the boundary of confidentiality of the therapy and have also sought my advice and guidance around issues to do with how best to help [person]."

"Overall, Khiron has without a doubt saved my life. The care is everything that personalised stands for and I will be forever grateful" and "110% the therapies have been helpful, can't fault the programme, and group sessions. Taught me how to sit with my anger. I was assessed with [symptoms]. Talking boundaries group path useful."

"The team at Khiron have been excellent in the quality of their working together with us to provide a high-quality service to [people], who have very complex needs. This has involved developing and maintaining good team communication between our clinical teams, formulating care plans together with very good involvement of the person themselves, and problem-solving when faced with challenging situations."

"The support workers are truly human. They go above and beyond to make me feel safe. In safe hands - support workers walking around, do a good job.”

"From the initial response to my enquiry email to the assessment with [clinical lead], admission, and treatment everything about Khiron Clinics has been fantastic. The care provided to me at Khiron Clinics has, without a doubt, saved my life. It has given me back a life that is worth living."

"I am proud to work with such a dedicated team of people who are clearly passionate about their job, and that is from every department. Even though we have different roles we are always working towards what's best for the client and equally there is continued support to each other as a team."

"I have contacted Khiron Clinics on a number of occasions to discuss their referral process as well as the treatment pathway. My queries have always been answered promptly and thoroughly. [Registered manager] has been quick to respond to any questions, she has also shown great awareness of patients' needs and patients' safety in particular during my interactions with her. I attended a patient's initial assessment with Khiron Clinics (at the patient's request) which was led by [Clinical Lead]. During the assessment, the [clinical lead] approached the patient in a very compassionate and person-centred way. Her approach/way of conducting the assessment also evidenced a great level of knowledge about supporting individuals with a history of complex trauma. I have also received some feedback from a patient who resided at Khiron Clinics. The former resident commented on the high quality of care and support they received. The progress they made during their stay has been also noted by our team and the patient's family. Overall, my interactions with the staff at Khiron Clinics have been positive, professional, and respectful with no concerns to report.”

Just a few words to express my deepest gratitude to you for enabling me to be here and finally start my process of healing.

I slept 9 hours last night, unheard of. I am already truly grateful for the change I have seen.

I want to acknowledge all the magic you did and the fact that its still working. I never dared to imagine things could be going as well as they are

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