Our Professionals

Here at Khiron Clinics, all our professional staff are dedicated to helping our patients overcome the debilitating symptoms of trauma. Our clinical leadership team have decades of experience within the trauma and mental health fields, and are supported by world class advisers and a robust corporate and clinical governance structure, ensuring they can provide the best treatment possible for our patients.

Our Innovative programme of nervous-system informed therapies is advised by Bessel van de Kolk, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Janina Fisher and Licia Sky. Our advisers contribute to the direction, innovation and supervision of Khiron Clinics. They are not employed by Khiron Clinics and are not individually responsible for the service delivery at the clinics.

The Clinical Residential Team


Professor Rex Haigh

Professor Rex Haigh is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrist and an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist who has been fascinated by therapeutic communities since learning his psychiatry in one, as an Oxford medical student.
His professional background is general practice, psychiatry, psychotherapy and group analysis. He has been an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist since 1994 and worked with the Department of Health as Clinical Advisor for the National Personality Disorder Programme.

Rex is the Honorary Professor of Therapeutic Environments and Relational Health in Nottingham University’s School of Sociology and Social Policy and leads the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Enabling Environments project. He is the chair of The Growing Better Lives social enterprise, which won the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2014 Sustainability Award, and is part of the Institute of Mental Health’s Social Futures Centre as an Integrated Research Group.

Rex is the Medical Director of Khiron Clinics, a non-executive member of the Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Ethics and Governance Board.


Mary MacCallum Sullivan​

Mary is an senior UK psychotherapist, registered with the UKCP and a COSCA accredited trainer, who specialises in organisational dynamics in the field of talking therapy. She is a former Acting Academic Head of the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology at Regent’s College and a former Honorary Secretary of the UKCP.

She is an expert in the organisational frame in mental health and supervises Khiron House’s overall frame management and development. Mary is a member of the Ethics and Governance Board.


Prahlad Ilex Galbiati

Prahlad is a Body-Psychotherapist, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Drawing from his background in spiritual development, meditation an orientation to wholeness is an intrinsic aspect of his work.

For over two decades he has supported people with a variety of trauma related conditions including chronic disease, abuse, addiction and terminal illness. He is the Clinical Director of Khiron Clinics.


Tracey-Lee Austin​

Tracey has a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and is HCPC registered. She has a diploma in Schema Therapy and has completed Sensorimotor Training Level 1. Her background is in working with Complex PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Mood and Anxiety disorders, Attachment disorders, Personality disorders, and Psychosis, drawing from a variety of approaches including Polyvagal Theory, Schema Therapy, IFS, Sensorimotor and Somatic therapies, Mindfulness, and Structural Dissociation. Tracey is the Clinical Lead at Khiron Clinics.


Sarah Jane Wilson​

Sarah Jane is a certified Sensorimotor, Internal Family Systems and Embodied-Relational Psychotherapist. She has worked for organisations specialising in addictions, abuse and trauma since 1998 after initially training as a Social Worker to work with addictions. Her interest in body work has led her to studying Shiatsu, yoga and auricular acupuncture. She has also managed a Counselling service and Counselling organisation.


Tom Gold-Blyth

Tom teaches Tai Chi, and, with 20 years of practice, is an ‘inner circle’ student of Master San Gee Tam and a leader in the Golden Flower School. The deep knowledge passing to him is the synthesis of lineage Tai Chi from renown Masters. He teaches Tai Chi as a method developing of physical ability, energy and spiritual insight. Having studied Standing Qigong through ongoing daily practice for 15 years, he practices a variety of Forms, Exercises, Meditations, Breathing and most importantly Being Here Now! He aims to inspire people on their path of growth.


Rebecca Leakey​

Rebecca is passionate about the field of therapy. Her passion and enthusiasm comes from her own personal experiences and witnessing the transformative power of this work. After completing her BSc in Psychology Rebecca spent time in Asia, learning and practicing different methods and therapeutic approaches orientated in Eastern philosophy, including energy based psychotherapy, meditation and yoga. These experiences were growth promoting and continue to influence Rebecca’s work.

Rebecca has completed an MSc in counseling psychology and is a registered member of the BACP. Rebecca continues to develop and expand her knowledge in body-orientated therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy. Rebecca has experience working with addiction, trauma and other complex issues in both residential and in the community settings.


Benjamin Fry

Benjamin is a psychotherapist, accredited by the BACP, who contributes to the media in the UK and is politically active in lobbying for better access to better treatment for all sections of society, working with the Centre for Social Justice and through Khiron House’s social enterprise Get Stable. He set up Khiron House after experiencing serious mental illness in 2009 and not receiving effective treatment for it in the UK. He is the Founder of Khiron House and the non-executive Chair of the Board of Directors.


Tracy Ellis

Tracy’s training includes, Foundation in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Diploma in Attachment Theory, SSP (safe & sound protocol), Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Poly Vagal theory, Neuro Affective Touch & Janina Fishers Structural Dissociation training. Tracy started mentoring teenagers in 2008, when her children left home. This developed an interest in working with people in a deeper level, so they can understand the way they may feel stuck and helping them to see choices, they long ago felt they did not have. Tracy’s training allows her to work with the client’s mind in a verbal capacity and with their body in a nonverbal capacity. Through talking Tracy can help clients understand their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and defensive patterns of behaviour. Through Somatic Experience work Tracy can help the body tell its own story. We can look at the wisdom of the body as it clearly reflects our implicit memory from our past experiences. Alongside Khiron Clinics Tracy is a counsellor for teenagers within a school environment.


Claire Hunt

 Claire is a Mum to a 22 year old and 3 dogs!! She is a qualified personal trainer, Pilates and Aerobics teacher with a specialism in Pre – & Post – natal fitness. Claire loves anything health and fitness and love all animals.


Jess Lambourne

Jess is a team leader in the clinic and joined the team in 2018 when the clinic opened. Jess has previously worked in healthcare since 2011, working mainly in alliative care and caring for patients with dementia, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease. Jess is currently studying BSc in Psychology with counselling and has qualifications in health and social, business and multimedia.

Amber bio pic

Amber Knights

Amber works in the field of trauma and specialises in suicide prevention and sexual abuse. She also works with addiction, gender issues and depression.
Amber has a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a modality that is person-centred and has a strong focus on the therapist-client relationship, awareness and the body. Amber uses a combination of her skills in Gestalt therapy, the polyvagal theory and her own creativity to facilitate supporting individuals in their journey towards healing.
Whilst living in Malta, she was a casual lecturer in victimology at the University of Malta and managed a therapeutic service for victims of crimes. She is a member of GPTI. Amber has a great love for animals and began her career working with them alongside people. Whilst in the USA she worked at the Human-Dolphin Institute providing dolphin assisted therapy to vulnerable people. Water is a big part of her life, she enjoys sailing, diving and travelling.


Lucy Allen

Lucy is an integrative therapist striving for a pluralistic approach to therapy. She is passionate about using the body to integrate experiences and has a special interest in neuroscience and trauma and the importance of the therapist-client relationship and it’s role in healing. She is Sensorimotor level one trained and due to start level 2 in the autumn, alongside this is in completion phases of IFS and Bodynamic level 1.  In addition Lucy brings in the outdoors to her therapy, including working with animals, as she holds that connections to and containment within nature are full of healing potential.


Rachel James

Rachel James was born in 1966 to an Indian father and English mother. She has 4 brothers. Her father was a Church of England vicar and as a family she moved often with her father’s various callings. She spent time in India completing her A Levels there. When she returned to the UK she completed a degree in ‘Related Arts’ at Bishop Otter College. After some turbulent years being nomadic and trying to find her place in life, becoming a single mum to Ethan, she trained to become a Hatha Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and graduated in 2009. She has been practicing Yoga for over 30 years and teaching since 2006. Rachel has established herself has a well-respected Hatha Yoga teacher in Oxford. Over the years Rachel as worked in many fitness centres, corporate businesses, and Oxford Colleges. She has set up several community classes and has taught many 1-2-1 private clients. She holds regular workshops based on Longevity, Posture and the Chakras. She has organised yearly retreats in Tuscany since 2016. Rachel has attended many Yoga classes, In-Service Training events, Kirtans (Indian devotional chanting), Yoga festivals and workshops. She held the role as Oxfordshire County Representative for the British Wheel of Yoga for 3 years (2013-16). As well as Yoga, Rachel loves writing, drawing, reading, walking in nature, travel, gardening, and animals.

The Clinical Outpatient Team


Paula Biles

Paula Biles is both a certified Sensorimotor and a certified Internal Family Systems therapist, EMDR practitioner and integrative psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. She is a registered member of both the UKCP and BACP and works in our outpatient clinic. She has worked with anxiety and depression in traumatised clients for over twelve years in a variety of settings. She has a wide range of knowledge and experience in working with complex (developmental) PTSD and incident trauma, attachment and dissociative disorders in both adults and young people. She is interested in integrating new approaches and neurobiological advances into therapeutic treatment.


Aleka Loutsis

Aleka has worked as a dramatherapist and dance movement psychotherapist in education, social services and NHS Forensic Services. She is currently employed by the NHS in Acute and Community Mental Health Services and also with the National Specialist Service for Personality Disorders. Aleka teaches on the MA in Drama and Movement therapy training in London and also guest lectures nationally and internationally. Aleka has been actively promoting an embodied approach to therapy drawing on her clinical work, research and specialist training in the treatment of trauma. Aleka is accredited by BADth, HCPC, ADMP and UKCP.


Philippa Smethurst

Philippa is a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor with over twenty years’ experience. Her original training in Integrative Psychotherapy was at the Metanoia Institute in London. She is a Senior Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with BACP and registered with UKCP. Philippa has been immersed in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for the last three years and has co-developed a listening service for migrants at a project at St Martin-in-the Fields in Central London, drawing on sensorimotor thinking.


Luciana Fondaras

Luciana is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and a psychotherapist. She has a Masters Degree in Jungian Psychodynamic Psychology and training in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy. She specialises in developmental trauma and its impact in adult life, and aims to integrate the recent neurobiological research regarding trauma and emotions in her work. She draws on a variety of approaches and is passionate about integrating mindfulness and body based therapy to further our healing process. As well as her practice with adults she also works with parents and infants, some of the time in this field spent working at Northwick Park Hospital and at Kids Company.

Lisa S Bio Pic

Lisa Mcilrath (Snook)

Lisa is an Integrative Art Psychotherapist (MA) and practicing artist (BA). Her relational, person-centred approach is informed by the humanistic psychotherapies and trainings in the field of trauma, ACE’s and sensorimotor art therapy modalities. Lisa is a certified Guided Drawing practitioner, which is a body-focused, trauma-informed modality that connects somatic awareness with embodied biography, helping to make sense of what we feel. This training has deepened her believe in the dynamism of the expressive arts and its ability to a form a language that speaks of inner world experience and emotion. Lisa maintains a consistent passion for ongoing research in the field of trauma and neuroscience, by attending regular conferences and trainings. She has experience working with developmental trauma, abuse, addictions and grief, both with adults and adolescents.

Amber bio pic

Amber Knights

Amber works in the field of trauma and specialises in suicide prevention and sexual abuse. She also works with addiction, gender issues and depression.
Amber has a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a modality that is person-centred and has a strong focus on the therapist-client relationship, awareness and the body. Amber uses a combination of her skills in Gestalt therapy, the polyvagal theory and her own creativity to facilitate supporting individuals in their journey towards healing.
Whilst living in Malta, she was a casual lecturer in victimology at the University of Malta and managed a therapeutic service for victims of crimes. She is a member of GPTI. Amber has a great love for animals and began her career working with them alongside people. Whilst in the USA she worked at the Human-Dolphin Institute providing dolphin assisted therapy to vulnerable people. Water is a big part of her life, she enjoys sailing, diving and travelling.

The Operations Team


Romana Akram

Romana Akram is the Managing Director of Khiron House. She is based at the residential clinic. Prior to joining the Khiron House team she worked in a residential setting, caring for the elderly, and then she joined a publishing firm as a business systems coordinator. Romana has a special interest in implementing new procedures to maximise efficiency. Romana has an MBA and is a member of the Board of Directors.


Angela Bent

Angela Bent is the Intake Manager at Khiron House. Angela has worked for Khiron House since 2013, starting off as a weekend support staff worker and then moving on to become House Manager at the residential clinic. Two years ago Angela moved to the United States where she continues to deal with intake and initial enquiries, referring clients on for assessment appointments and then admission. Angela is a qualified paralegal, having worked in the legal field for over twenty years.

Leila Novin

Leila is the Administrator for Khiron Clinics and joined the team in 2019. Leila is a qualified massage and beauty therapist and has gained diplomas in further holistic practices. Leila has studied Business and her background includes working within the healthcare industry including experience with Dementia, Palliative Care and clinical weight loss where she has enjoyed a variety of different roles ranging from support to administration. Leila’s interests and hobbies include History, Music, Writing, Photgraphy and Nature.


Julie Napier

Julie Napier is the Operations Manager for Khiron Clinics. She has been with the company since July 2019 and during that time has taken on lots of different responsibilities including the Registered Manager of the Clinic. Julie has a nine year old daughter who she enjoys spending time with when she is not working. Julie’s daughter has special needs so she spends a lot of her spare time learning new skills to help make her daughter’s life easier and ensure she achieves the best that she can. Julie enjoy reading and walking to relax and would definately say a good book is her biggest resource. Julie has worked in the Health and Social care industry since she was 18 years old. She has also enjoyed helping others and has worked in various aspects of the care industry. Her passion is mental health recovery and well being, treating people as individuals and ensuring the best care is delivered at all times.


Emilia Jastrzebska

Organisational Psychology graduate with extensive knowledge of psychological theories, methods, and processes (trained in Transactional Analysis and TRE) combined with Postgraduate Certificate in People Management and Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Associate member of CIPD. Currently, Emilia applies her knowledge to support highly skilled Khiron Clinics staff to improve effectiveness and job satisfaction, as well as to work in compliance with employment regulations. Prior joining Khiron Clinics she worked for private, public and in the charity sector in HR and as an Employment and Development Coach. Working as a coach enabled her to develop intuition to identify people’s strengths, talents, and resources they often were not aware of and encourage to look at the situation from a broader perspective. Emilia likes learning about different cultures around the world and explore natural beauty right next to me.


Hannah Godfrey

Hannah is employed as a Domestic Assistant/Housekeeper working alongside Lucy and AJ. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and is currently finishing my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and has qualifications in Mindfulness and Life Coaching. In her spare time, Hannah runs a self-care website and blog. She has been a Yogi for just over 6 years and loves to read and learn about different aspects that make us who we are and how we work. When she not reading, she is out with her family on walks with their dog or creating something through art or craft. Knitting is her favourite hobby.

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