An Alternative to Hospital Treatment through to Outpatient Care

We help people find hope again by uncovering and treating the root causes of their mental health issues. Our cutting edge nervous-system based treatments are delivered in both outpatient and residential settings by clinicians who have been trained by the world’s leading trauma experts.

“One of the world's leading residential trauma-treatment centres."

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Our Trauma Recovery Pathway

Delivering Specialised Trauma Care to Clients Whatever Their Level of Need

Khiron Clinics have developed a trauma recovery pathway that can treat clients, whatever their level of need. Our pathway starts with an alternative to hospital care, offering 24/7 personalised care in CQC registered units, to communal residential care, through to outpatient care. Every client who starts residential or outpatient treatment at Khiron Clinics will first have an assessment where they will be given a treatment recommendation which will advise where on the pathway to start and for what duration.

Highest Level
of Care

Lowest Level
of Care

Two people sit on a light-colored sofa, engaged in conversation. One, holding a pen and notebook, listens attentively. The other, wearing a hoodie and jeans, smiles and gestures with her hand. They are in a well-lit room with a window in the background, discussing PTSD treatment options.



Photo of living room at Khiron Clinics' clinic - residential trauma treatment



This serene property is home to Khiron Clinics, a leading center for trauma treatment, nestled in a pastoral landscape that extends into the distance under a clear sky.



Photo of Khiron Bungalow



A group of people sit in a circle at Khiron Clinics, engaged in conversation or a meeting. They are seated on chairs with their legs and hands visible from an overhead perspective. The individuals are casually dressed in a variety of pants and shoes, participating in mental health treatment.

Khiron Day


Khiron Clinics Harley Street outpatient trauma treatment location



Patients can enter the pathway at any stage

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Our Clinics

Our trauma recovery pathway has been designed to help individuals whatever their level of need, from 24/7 residential care, communal residential programmes, to different outpatient services.

A group of people sits in a circle on chairs, some holding notebooks and pens. They are casually dressed, suggesting an informal meeting or group discussion at Khiron Clinics. The view is from above, focusing on their legs and not showing faces clearly, perhaps during a session for trauma treatment.

What We Treat

Trauma can manifest in a number of different mental and physical health issues. Explore our unique philosophy behind what we treat and why it gives people hope.

A cozy living room corner features a plush pink armchair with a small cushion, a modern floor lamp with a tray attached, a gray geometric rug, and a small black round stool. A potted plant sits in a blue pot near a black-and-white console table—an inviting space reminiscent of Khiron Clinics' soothing environments.

How We Treat

Explore our approach to trauma treatment, and gain insights into the many different nervous-system based therapies we deliver, all firmly rooted in science.

A woman with long dark hair smiles while petting the heads of two horses, one light brown and one dark brown, in an outdoor setting with green foliage in the background. This serene moment is part of her trauma treatment at a specialized clinic - using equine therapy

Our Therapies

Khiron Clinics is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the most effective trauma treatments available. Explore our nervous-system based therapies here.

A person wearing a light blue shirt gives a thumbs-up gesture with their right hand. The background is blurred, drawing attention to the hand and gesture in the foreground. The overall mood suggests positivity or approval, signifying hope in mental health treatment or PTSD treatment.

Professional Accreditations

We are CQC registered and collaborate with esteemed organisations to provide our services, ensuring the highest standards of care.

A white speech bubble-shaped paper with "THIS IS MY STORY..." written in black marker, displayed on a textured brown background, symbolizes the beginning of personal healing journeys in trauma treatment.


Khiron Clinics’ unique approach to trauma treatment has saved countless lives and restored hope to people who need it most. Discover their stories here.


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Discover Our Innovative Trauma Recovery Pathway

Find out more about how we treat, what we treat, our clinics, pricing and more.

Next Steps

We Are Here to Help You Find the Path to Effective, Long Lasting Recovery.

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Talk to Us

Get in touch with us and share your story if you feel comfortable with someone who will listen. Our team are always here to help.

Illustration of a desk calendar with spiral binding at the top. The calendar shows a grid of days with three rows, each row containing seven days. The design is simplistic and outlined in teal, evoking a sense of order and calm often emphasized in mental health treatment settings.

Book an Assessment

Meet with a senior member of our clinical team and get insights into the root causes of your issues, plus a written report and treatment recommendation.

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Download Our Brochure

Discover our innovative trauma recovery pathway. Find out more about how we treat, what we treat, our clinics, pricing and more.


Discover Our Innovative Trauma Recovery Pathway

Find out more about how we treat, what we treat, our clinics, pricing and more.

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