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Exploring Emotions: Anger

What is Anger?  Just like all the basic emotions outlined by Paul Ekman in the 1970’s[1], anger is a natural, normal emotion. It serves a

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Emotion Sadness

Exploring Emotion: Sadness

Understanding the Emotion Sadness? Sadness is an emotion typically characterised by a plethora of accompanying feelings, like loss, disappointment, disinterest, a low mood, helplessness and

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Emotion Disgust

Exploring Emotions: Disgust

Understanding the Emotion Disgust Disgust is an emotion that generally receives less attention than the other five emotions outlined in Ekman’s Basic Emotions, which are

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fear little boy hiding in cushions

Exploring Emotions: Fear

Fear: The Role of Fear This blog is part of our series on understanding and managing difficult emotions – Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. The

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