Change Is Contagious, But Not Guaranteed

Making the decision to enter trauma recovery and take the negative effects of trauma out of your life has quantum effects. Such large life decisions carry weight which effect the entire world around you, as well as all of the people in your life. It may seem far-fetched, but it is a proven truth for those in recovery. People can stay stuck in the patterns of their lives for their whole lives, even when those patterns do their lives a disservice. Dysfunction can and often does become comfortable. The fear of functionality becomes a dysfunction of its own and as a result people spend their lives avoiding what is ultimately the inevitable: change. Change is inarguably the only constant of living life as a human being on planet earth. Our very molecular makeup is changing every single moment of every single day, as is our planet. Yet the personal changes in our lives, more specifically, the ones we falsely believe we can control, stand out the most to us. Avoiding change is not about actually avoiding change. Avoiding change is about avoiding the normalcy of what life is and what life requires: going with the flow, living life on life’s terms, and coping efficiently. When we stop avoiding change, we stop avoiding life. We start living and we start seeing the way others live their lives much differently.

Your recovery is going to inspire many people in a variety of ways. The more people who are encouraged by your strength, confidence, and bravery, the more you will realize how transcendent what you are doing in trauma recovery truly is. If there is a particular person in your life, perhaps someone who is an abuser or a cause of trauma, you might find yourself thinking, If I can change, so can they. If I can change, they can change, and we can have a happy, healthy, normal relationship again. There is an unfortunate caveat to being a warrior of trauma recovery- just because we are choosing to recover and change, not everyone will. The fear of change is so great that your changes might inspire someone to feel even more afraid of confronting themselves and changing the way they live their life. As you grow, learn, heal, and evolve, you’ll see that certain people stay remarkably the same. How they treat you, how they treat themselves, may not change. One of the great powers which comes with the empowerment of trauma recovery is being able to choose who you want in your life. If someone continues to act in ways that are traumatizing, abusive, or intentionally triggering, you have the power to say “No more” and remove that area of trauma from your life.

We’ll discuss this more in our next blog.

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