Dr Janina Fisher appointed Director of Psychological Services

Dr Janina Fisher has been appointed as Director of Psychological Services at Khiron House. She will take overall responsibility for formulating the treatment approaches best suited to each individual at each stage of the recovery process and for training staff.

This appointment paves the way for an expansion of Khiron House into five levels of care, creating a complete care pathway that helps clients move “from crisis to cure”.

  • Khiron Hospital – a psychological hospital (to open in 2017)
  • Khiron House – residential aftercare
  • Khiron Cottage – residential half-way house for Khiron House
  • Khiron Day Care – 9-5, Monday to Friday, day care in London (to open in 2017)
  • Khiron Outpatients – our outpatient service in Harley Street

Janina will be at the forefront of implementing her treatment model of neurobiologically informed healthcare across all levels of care.  This will ensure that clients have a seamless transition of style and content across different levels of care as they recover or need further support.

“Our understanding of what causes psychological illness and emotional breakdown has changed dramatically over the past ten years.  We know now that it is the interaction between the brain and nervous system which drives overwhelming emotions or cuts us off from our feelings; and provides us with resilience or interferes with tolerating even normal stress.  

Therefore, regardless of diagnosis, the underlying issue for clients suffering from trauma-related conditions (including PTSD, Complex PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, dissociative disorders and addictions) or from mental-health illnesses (including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and OCD) is a dysregulated nervous system.  

Thanks to the cutting edge research and treatment approaches developed over the past ten years, Khiron House programmes can offer a pathway of care that addresses not only the emotional pain suffered by our clients but also this underlying neurobiological cause.

I’m delighted to take up this new role to make Khiron House a globally recognised clinical Centre for Excellence in neurobiologically informed healthcare.”

Dr Janina Fisher, 30th June 2016