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healing from trauma

Healing From Trauma

Trauma can permeate everything, including adult relationships, professional life, and overall mental well-being. Although challenging, healing from trauma is always possible with proper support and

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What Is Re-traumatisation?

Trauma is complex. Even after years of recovery, setbacks can happen, and people can be re-traumatised by various people, places, and events. Re-traumatisation Defined The

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hidden effects of trauma
The Story of Trauma

The Hidden Effects of Trauma

Trauma can be a driving factor for many changes in people’s lives, causing physical, mental, and behavioural effects. While some are more obvious than others,

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nervous system

Trauma and the Nervous System

The nervous system is sometimes called the command system of the body. It controls reactions, thoughts, and movements and affects people’s digestion and senses. Trauma

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