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relational trauma

What Is Relational Trauma?

Relationships are an essential part of life. Good relationships give people something to aspire to, but abusive or toxic relationships can be a big source

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traumatic grief

What Is Traumatic Grief?

Losing a loved one is always difficult; however, over time, the emotional distress associated with grief will usually lessen. While traumatic grief has similar characteristics

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What Is Re-traumatisation?

Trauma is complex. Even after years of recovery, setbacks can happen, and people can be re-traumatised by various people, places, and events. Re-traumatisation Defined The

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insecure attachment

Managing Insecure Attachment

Attachment is formed from early childhood interactions and can be either secure or insecure. Insecure attachment styles can cause specific patterns that last throughout adulthood

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hidden effects of trauma
The Story of Trauma

The Hidden Effects of Trauma

Trauma can be a driving factor for many changes in people’s lives, causing physical, mental, and behavioural effects. While some are more obvious than others,

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Music and the Brain

Listening to music is an everyday occurrence for many. Along with being an enjoyable activity, there are numerous other benefits – it can improve brain

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