What Instruments Are Used with Sound Baths?

One of the amazing aspects of human life is that we have such unique, diverse ways of healing and restoration. For some, music provides a soothing, ritualized harmony that mirrors peace and serenity in the back of their mind. For others, writing provides a compelling opportunity to reflect on past grievances and achieve new insights. Others still may find relaxation and meditation to be extremely beneficial, providing them with the space they need to achieve balance. With holistic therapy practices, south baths are a beautiful way to feel connected and grounded through sound.

First, you may be wondering – why is it called a sound bath? Does it involve an actual bath? No, it doesn’t – the Washington Post highlighted in 2017 an interview conducted with a sound bath mentor Monte Hansen, who explained sound baths: “We define them as an immersion in sound frequency that cleans the soul.”

While this may sound very “spiritual”, it is – Livestrong, a website dedicated to fitness, health, and recipes, has noted that because the sound of soothing instruments can place people into a meditative state, sound baths have the potential to relieve anxiety, depression, and even make it easier for those who generally find it difficult to meditate. In terms of instruments, there are a variety that could be used, such as:

  • Singing bowls
  • Chimes
  • Didgeridoo
  • Harp
  • Gongs
  • Crystal bowls
  • Voice (through chanting or singing)

Tibetans have been using the practice of sound baths for around 2,000 years, so this ancient healing practice isn’t something that’s new. In a fast-driven world, most of us are looking for peace, grounding, and clarity – sound baths can really help with this because they tune in with our inner rhythm and sound. We’re able to find comfort in the long tones that are used and may even be better able to focus on the sounds rather than on placing meaning to the thoughts that come and go.

If you decide to try a sound bath, remember to treat it as you would any other form of meditation – don’t force yourself to sit uncomfortably, and don’t try to force thoughts out of your mind. Accept the experience with an open heart and mind.

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