When Anxiety Peaks During Addiction Recovery: 5 Things to Remember

The beginning of one’s recovery journey is exciting and scary at the same time; you may be feeling a bit nervous about what to expect, but also hopeful in your chances of living a life that makes you happier and healthier. Recovery is a step towards a major change – but it’s the best (although not always the easiest!) change you could implement in your life. One of the first typical steps in addiction recovery is detoxification, which involves cleansing your body (either naturally or with the assistance of medication) of toxins acquired throughout active addiction. It’s normal to feel highly anxious during this time – after all, your body is learning how to function properly without drug’s it’s been receiving for an extended period of time. All in all, just know you’re not alone.

Right about now, you may be thinking one or more of the following: “I hate feeling like this. What if I don’t get through it?”, “I don’t know if this is really something I want to do”, “I feel uncomfortable here. I’m thinking about leaving”. If any of these thoughts (or something similar) are running through your mind, remember these 5 key things:

  1. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but this feeling is only temporary.
  2. This is better for you in the long run, no matter how it feels now.
  3. You DO have the strength and courage to get through this.
  4. Addiction has caused you a lot of pain and suffering, including forcing you to lose your finances, health, relationships, employment, etc.
  5. Thousands of other people have done this and they have succeeded – so can you.

BBC highlights that those long-winded, irrational, and negative thought patterns that make up anxiety really do change our perception; what we intentionally give our attention to is what factors into the outcome of any given situation. If you have ever heard of the phrase, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right”, then you know exactly just how powerful the mind is. Do yourself a favor today: stop holding onto negativity. Have faith in yourself. Trust the process. You’ll be just fine.

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