Category: Childhood Emotional Neglect

parent-child role reversal
Childhood Emotional Neglect

Parent-Child Role Reversal

Parents and children should have clearly defined roles. Parents take care of children, and children are free to grow up safe, happy, and protected. However,

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Childhood Emotional Neglect

Dealing with Abandonment Issues

Nobody likes to be left behind. However, abandonment issues are much more than this and involve a deep-seated fear of losing loved ones. There are

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why you don't feel heard
Childhood Emotional Neglect

Why You Don’t Feel Heard

Sometimes, not being heard has nothing to do with the volume of your voice. You may not feel heard when you express yourself, your wants,

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Child & Adolescent PTSD

Every child and adolescent is likely to experience stressful events which may affect them physically or emotionally. A child’s reaction to stress is often brief,

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