Category: The Story of Trauma

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hidden effects of trauma
The Story of Trauma

The Hidden Effects of Trauma

Trauma can be a driving factor for many changes in people’s lives, causing physical, mental, and behavioural effects. While some are more obvious than others,

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Mental Health

Understanding Freeze

We are all familiar with the automatic survival actions of fight or flight. However, there is a third, equally common response, which is not so

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Mental Health

Body Dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition also known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). People struggling with this condition experience obsessive thoughts about their appearance,

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The Story of Trauma

Chronic Trauma

‘Trauma’ is a broad term, but generally falls under the following three categories: Acute (or ‘simple’ trauma) Chronic trauma Complex trauma This blog will examine

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