Recovery Is Maintenance

A common misconception is that if you’re feeling better, you are better. Whether you’ve been working on your mental health recovery for a month or a year, it’s easy to set everything down and take a “break” from doing regular self-care activities, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. when we’re feeling good. At times, medication can even make us feel like we no longer need treatment – it’s as if the medication has magically “fixed” everything for us. What’s important to remember is that no matter how you’re feeling today, tomorrow, or a year from now, mental health recovery is ongoing – and you should never stop maintaining your recovery because you feel well.

Formal treatment provides a safe, structured environment while you develop a steady mental health maintenance routine; but it only goes so far – you have to do the rest. After treatment, it is important for you to:

  • Continue building a support network in every area of your life
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals also seeking recovery
  • Maintain your physical health and wellness through exercise, movement, holistic care, and healthy eating
  • Be of service to others, show compassion, and volunteer your support where possible and appropriate
  • Create meaning in your life through hobbies, passions, friends, activities, and fulfilling work
  • Cultivate a sense of spirituality by exploring your beliefs, values, and personally held philosophies about life, the world, and others
  • Utilize healthy coping mechanisms you’ve developed through therapy and treatment
  • Reach out for help whenever necessary, but don’t wait for an emergecy. Regularly attend sessions with therapists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and whomever else is part of your care team

Even if you’re feeling well, you’ll come across another day where things do not seem to be going as well. This is the natural rhythm of life, and it’s important that you do not base your mental health maintenance on how you’re feeling each day, because that will fluctuate. Always take steps towards self-care – your mind, body, and spirit will appreciate it in the long run.

Trauma is most often the root cause of many emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders. Until you can heal your trauma, you will find great difficulty finding the healing you need to live a life of recovery, health, and wellness. At Khiron House, we provide effective residential treatment and cutting edge therapies which seek to transform mind, body, and spirit from the effects of trauma. Call us today for information. UK: 020 3811 2575 (24 hours) USA: (866) 801 6184 (24 hours).