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Khiron House sponsors events to bring the most up-to-date global expertise to the UK for doctors and clinicians to continue their professional development in the field of trauma healing treatment.

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The Invisible Lion
Explaining Trauma in Plain English

By Benjamin Fry

  • 30th November, 09.30 - 17.30
  • London, London, UK
  • From £49.00

Trauma, Memory, and the Restoration of One’s Self

By Dr Bessel van der Kolk


The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe: A Master Class on the Polyvagal Theory

By Stephen Porges


The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy

By Allan Schore


Mistakes of the Heart: the Healing Power of Therapeutic Repair

By Janina Fisher

James Reese

An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency

By Dr Dan Siegel


Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation and Shame: Treating the Seeds and the Cycle of Self-Destructive Behaviors

By Lisa Ferentz

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We work with members of respected organisations to deliver our services.


Khiron Clinics remains open for admissions.We are continuing to follow all the government advice, along with Public Health England (PHE) and the NHS guidance. We are well resourced and organised to remain as safe as possible, and are carrying out detailed protocols to minimise the risk of transmission. We have contingency plans if a resident shows symptoms (facilities for safe and comfortable isolation, or temporary return home). We have plans in place to continue therapy for residents remotely, in isolation, if necessary. We are also able to ensure that if residents have their therapy significantly reduced or disrupted they will not suffer financially. Our Ethics and Governance Board is actively overseeing of how we are managing the situation.​